Myx TV Success Today, Failure Tomorrow.

Myx Tv is the only English language multicultural Asian American entertainment network in the United States. The network was launched in 2007 and is currently based in Los Angeles. Myx TV broadcast in more than 15 million households on cable providers such as Comcast, which shows that it is gaining traction in an over populated market. There are a number of factors accredited to Myx TV success in the postmillennial digital economy. Those factors are its ability to offer original programming, the ability to utilize the “thank you” economy and knowing its audience. Myx TV is carter towards a specific audience, which are Asian Americans. The strategy of focusing on a specific audience seems to be successful so far. But the fact that the network isn’t inclusive has the potential to back fire on the network profitability in the long run. It is important to examine how the three factors mentioned before plays a role in Myx TV success, but also the implications they might have.

The network is especially successful in the production of original/ authenticate materials which is the central business of creative economies. One such show that is in particularly original and has a interesting concept is the show I am Asian American and …… The show is a documentary series that focus on the diverse Asian American diaspora and how these individuals contradict the hegemonic ideologies associated with Asian Americans. The first episode is I Want Reparations for Yellow Fever, and in that episode Kristina Wong confronts the tokenization of Asian American women representation as the docile and only aim to please her man type of woman. She did this in a humorous way, which made the episode enjoyable to watch even though she was tackling some serious issues. Asian Americans are not used to having a voice and a platform to address these issues besides on Youtube. Myx TV is able to capitalize on that and utilize the “thank you” economy by listening and responding to what the Asian American community wants, which is more representation of their selves.

Myx TV was established in order to cater to the fast growing Asian American youth market. As such the programs aren’t universal and only focus on Asian Americans interest in regards to what they want to see on TV. Currently that strategy is working and the network is doing well. Mostly in part because Asian Americans are often underrepresented in movies or TV shows, and they are unable to create their own agency. But with the introduction of the show Fresh Off The Boat on ABC , which features an Asian American family at its center Myx TV might be in trouble. Fresh off the Boat appeals to Asian Americans and Non- Asian Americans and is on ABC , which has a diverse audience market. Fresh Off Boat is extremely successful and is bringing visibility to Asian Americans. If other networks should follow in ABC footsteps and start to introduce more shows that focus on Asian Americans or provide Asian Americans lead roles; then how will Myx TV differentiate from those other networks and continue to retain its audience?


The agenda of Myx TV is to deliver the hottest trends in all of Asian popular culture and to get Asian Americans off YouTube and instead put them on a screen bigger than 15 inches. Its agenda is noteworthy but the same qualities that make Myx TV successful to its specific audience are the same qualities that have the potential to make the network a failure in the long run. I think it would be beneficial for the network to do some kind of rebranding to ensure that they are ready to keep up or differentiate itself once other networks start to provide Asian Americans other avenues to be heard and seen.


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